Sports Recovery Beverage

"Designed to Expedite Muscle Recovery"

Dr. Pete's RECOV® is named after Peter L Bordi Jr., Director of the Center for Food Innovation at Penn State University. Dr. Pete developed the protein formula to expedite muscle recovery after workouts and prevent soft tissue injuries among college athletes. Dr. Pete and his team had one goal in mind: to minimize soreness and injuries among college athletes through a great tasting protein recovery beverage.

"A lot of protein drinks use only one protein. We wanted to make the best protein drink possible and we decided on a three protein formula that included whey, soy, and casein," said Dr. Pete. “Our protein formula slows the disbursement of protein which helps ensure muscle recovery from workouts and reduces the chances of soreness and injury." Dr. Pete worked with DuPont Nutrition and Health to analyze research that was reported in the report titled “Protein Blend Ingestion Following Resistance Exercise Promotes Human Muscle Protein Synthesis" and was published in the Journal of Nutrition.

From his research, Dr. Pete concluded that a combination of high quality whey, soy, and casein proteins, combined with omega 3's, "offer a unique advantage for muscle growth" compared to the use of only one protein.

"Not all protein is created equal and once that product went from theory into actuality we determined how to blend it and incorporate all of the ingredients," said Dr. Pete. "We worked hard on maximizing the proper protein, calories and carbs and turned it into a drinkable product that tastes good and will stay fresh in the refrigerator for several weeks." 

After Dr. Pete finalized the protein formula, he teamed with Tom Palchak from the Penn State Berkey Creamery to develop a high quality milk based beverage infused with the three proteins and omega 3's.

"No matter your level, athletes can work out so hard and so intensely that there is concern about soreness, building muscle and preventing injuries. The right nutrition at the right time is about recovery, building muscle and future injury prevention" says Dr. Pete.

Proteins are the building blocks of muscle and Dr. Pete’s
RECOV® helps feed muscle repair after hard workouts, leading to faster recovery. The key is taking the right amount at the right time, and not skimping on fluids and carbohydrates in the process.