“Freshness in Every Bottle

The spirit of "Freshness in Every Bottle
" is the guiding philosophy of Dr. Pete's RECOV®. Dr. Pete’s RECOV®  beverage is all natural and made at local dairy farms throughout the United States. By using the best ingredients and local and trusted dairies, our customers can attest to the great taste and quality of the drink. Also, using local dairy farms lessens our reliance on national bulk manufacturing.

Produced by using the best dairy farm practices, Dr. Pete's
RECOV® is then delivered directly from a local dairy farm right to your local refrigeration case, providing you the highest quality fresh milk with the right blend of macronutrients.

The milk used to produce your Dr. Pete's
RECOV® bottled right on the farm to give you the healthiest and best tasting protein recovery drink available in the USA.

Local Dairies

Sports Recovery Beverage