Sports Recovery Beverage


"Performance for Tomorrow"

Exercise is great for you and has many health benefits, but exercise also depletes your body of important nutrients and energy. That's why it is important to consume a protein rich recovery drink after exercise to help promote muscle repair and speed up glycogen replenishment so that you can recover faster.

Dr. Pete's
RECOV®, a fresh milk based drink blended with an innovative research-based protein and omega 3 formula, offers a unique advantage for muscle recovery and growth. The drink is named after Dr. Pete Bordi, Director of the Center for Food Innovation at Penn State University. Dr. Pete's research led him to develop a formula that includes 3 different high quality proteins whey, soy, casein, which disseminates into the body gradually over about 5 hours. Consuming Dr. Pete's RECOV® within 60 minutes following your workout can make a big difference in your recovery and in your "Performance for Tomorrow".

Dr. Pete's
RECOV® is all natural, made with fresh milk from a local dairy and, best of all, Dr. Pete's RECOV® tastes delicious.